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Forage equipment
Feed machinery which mainly consists of several parts of it. It is actually very simple. , Mainly to the feeding, crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, packaging, transmission and lubrication system. So in fact, the processing equipment is relatively simple, say what do feed some conditions must be met, the most important one is the moisture content of the material requirements, it is not higher than 15% moisture content, if material the moisture content is too high, then we made out of particles will be relatively loose, so moisture can not do is restrict a prime prerequisite for the particles, the material first enters the feed auger, the auger inside the motor through the infinitely variable adjustment from the hopper into the feed auger, by adjusting the CVT gearbox to change the motor speed, get the right material flow rate, then to the material into the blender, modulated by stirring rod material, if the material if you need to add starch , where it can be directly added with stirring starch.
Why now people are beginning to feed with a professional to do the production of feed a machine to do it, it is because the particle feed machinery to do it far better than the manual process out of their own delicious and more animals will not picky eaters.
Feed ingredients inside fact, there are a variety of materials like what amino acid starch and the like, so in the case of a raw material containing numerous that we can ensure that animals are not too picky, ensure fed animal feed, they can eat eighty percent up to ensure that the feed will not be wasted.