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Flat die and Ring die feed pellet machine, which one performance is better?
The Ring die type feed pellet machine is special to produce concentrated feed pellets, the large output, low power consumption, in as these the Ring die type is better.
Flat die pellet machine the rotation rate speed below the Ring die pellet machine and other reasons, the output is less, and due to the Flat die pressure is too large, suppression of concentrate feed density is very high, so the ring die pellet machine ahead.
The concentrated feed materials is corn, beans... The materials viscous is well, easy molding, do not need a lot of pressure press, but the sawdust, straw and waste tires molding of crude fiber high-temperature granulation and urban living garbage, sewage treatment, animal feces organic fertilizer granulation, so we need to a lot of pressure, the Ring die pellet machine due to its structural restriction, pressure can not be adjusted to suppress these materials will be beyond the pressure load, resulting in mould pressing wheel bearing wear or broken. Flat die pellet machine has the advantages of simple structure, adjustable pressure, adapt to different materials in the aspects of what has big advantage.
In addition, although the flat die pellet machine structure, less wear, but yield smaller, generally in 300-3000 kg. So, want to use a machine to complete more than 3 tons of yield, selection of rinf die pellet mill, and this is limited to granulation of maize straw, corn straw to pressure.