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Fish pellet feed use note
With pellet feed fish there are a lot of benefits, fish grow fast, good meat quality and save feed and easy to store.But choose fish pellet feed and use has many attention, not simply on put .First of all, the fish pellet feed species diversity, different fish nutrition needed for growth cycle, choose different feed.Second, feed pellets has buoyancy and sinking, how to choose? how to choose feed grain diameter?and the feeding time, how to grasp feed quantity ?All these problems must face, only solved the basic problem is to guarantee the fish grow faster and well.
Many types of fish feed pellet machine brand in the market now, produce the pellet quality good and bad are intermingled.Choose fish feed the first thing is that 4-6 cm length of the fish, appropriate by 0.5mm feed pellets ;The fish of 7 to 8 cm, appropriate 3mm feed pellets.Second, hard or soft pallets and buoyancy or sink.Some pellet feed powder rate is high , easy to melt rain, and some heavy feed sink after long time not processing will pollute water quality.In view of the farmers, hard pellets low prices , high feed coefficient;Not only looks like the Lord keep of grass carp, crucian carp, carp, etc,growing well ,set of fish such as silver carp flowers , dace, etc,growing well too, for the problem of water quality, it is no problem as long as often clean up the replacement .Do you want to choose the feeding machine, according to your needs, it can reduce feed waste, ensure the feeding time and frequency .
Although pellet feed is easy to be stored but not pile up for a long time, so many farmers choose fish feed pellet machine processing and production, to ensure nutrition and the quality of feed, stands at just over 4 to 6 weeks of update rate.YULONG fish feed pellet machine has simple structure, meet all kinds of production requirements, cover the small area , wide applicable scope.
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