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Feed pellet mill's faults and elimination method
Capacity is low
Problem reason
1 . Initial use of flat die pellet mill so the holes is not smooth enough;
2 . The moisture content of raw materil is too high or too low;
3 . The distance between rollers and flat die is too big;
4 . The rollers or flat die is excessive wear;
5 . Triangular belt slipping or aging. 
1 . Polish the flat die with oil material. The capacity will increase after running for a while; 
2 . Adjust the moisture content of raw material;
3 . Adjust clamp bolt;
4 . Tight or change triangular belt 
Powder among pellets is too much
Problem reason
1 . Moisture cintent of raw material is low;
2 . The flat die is excessive wear and the thickness is too small.
1 . Increase the moisture content 
2 . Change new flat die
Pellets surface is rough
Problem reason
1 . Moisture cintent of raw material is high;
2 . Initial use of flat die 
1 . Reduce the moisture content;  
2 . Polish flat die with oil raw material again and again.
Unusual sound 
Problem reason
1 . Hard debris is in pellet machine;
2 . Bearings are broken;
3 . Components and parts become flexible.
1 . Stop the machine and remove foreign matter;
2 . Change bearings;
3 . Tight components and parts 
Machine stop suddenly
Problem reason
1 . Excessive load (even fuse);
2 . Foreign matter come into the machine.
1 . Increase the space betwwen roller and flat die and change safety wire; 
2 . Stop the machine and remove foreign matter.