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Feed Pellet making machines allow corn stover full glory
Pellet feed processing machines allow corn straw full glory. 2015 The new pellet feed processing machine can process many types of raw materials, such as straw, trees etc. are a cinch, even garbage is  after Yulong processing equipment become available biomass, both to create wealth and clean the environment.
The new pellet feed processing machine filling luster performance advantages, mainly due to this device, the original problem of raw material to manufacture fuel contains a lot of crude fiber overcome, and equipment hosts highly efficient belt drive transmission, cutting parts using quick release hoop shape, feed in the form of frequency control feeding, to feed uniform, and the door cover with forced feeding, the use of international advanced manufacturing technology manufacturing processes for your various small feed particles machines tailored to a variety of quality mold raw material used to solve the mold using a short time thing. The new straw small feed particle machine for the user to save a lot of costs, and extend the mold life. Raw material produced specifically for the mold, not only can improve process yield, power consumption can also be reduced to a minimum.
Now more and more people are using small particles of feed processing machines produced particles, so when we make feed pellets, small feed particle machine appears in many cases. A variety of problems, most let "headache" is the following question: small feed particle machine current instability. The main problem caused by this problem is the pressure roller and mold caused by improper adjustment of the disc space, the riving knife badly worn, uneven dosing is likely to cause the current unstable, semi-finished raw materials containing products can also cause irregular for this reason , raw materials and add liquid, steam mixture is caused by uneven lies, small feed particle machine transmission belt tension for this reason is not one main cause of this failure is a common fault.