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Feed pellet making machine Play Major role for rabbit feed
Now more and more rabbit farmers, but to buy expensive feed this issue was placed in front of farmers friends, how to reduce the majority of farmers and friends of farming costs but also improve the income of farmers it Zhangqiu Yulong Machine Co., Ltd. using domestic and foreign advanced technology to produce a rabbit out of a professional for aquaculture feed particle machine processing machine. Like small household pellet feed processing machine is how to do the particles it? The main advantage is reflected in where?
Rabbit feed particle machine is straw, peanut shells and other agricultural waste is mixed and stirred to prepare a high temperature machine feed pellets. Coupled with the simple structure of feed grain machine, the operation is very convenient, especially such small pig feed particle machine is suitable for small and medium pig farmers to use.
So small rabbit feed particle machine produced pellets with normal rabbit feed and what it is not the same, and why animals like to eat? The rabbit pellet feed processing machine rabbit feed produced in the production process due to the modulator role, so that the material fully cooked, pressed out small particles such as bacteria, animals do not get sick eating and dietary fiber which can accelerate gastrointestinal motility, easy to absorb good digestion, plus produced rabbit feed pellets containing a natural grassy, animals like to eat.
We now understand that many small and medium farmers have adopted this model, both save effort and money, Yulong company specially focus on feed processing machines, we set production, processing, manufacturing, trade as one of the species more complete model, tailored according to customer requirements. Yulong  earned the trust of the majority of farmers best quality and faithful service, we are willing to work with you to work together to get rich!