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Feed pellet machine: process feed pellets
Grazing grows influence by the weather change. In summer season, much rain , temperature well, grazing grows well, in winter season the temperature is lower, small rain so the grazing is withered and yellow, logographic.. In order to ensure that animals such as pigs, cattle and sheep forage is sufficient, nutritious, requires plenty of summer forage for scientific storage, and then fill in the winter to livestock.
Grass pellet feed mainly has several advantages, first of all, small volume, facilitate storage, compared with the dry forage, storage space clean and neat, the space is little, convenient feeding.Secondly, grass feed particles during processing, add extra nutrients, high nutrition, animals also love to eat.In the end, no longer limited forage grass feed source, especially in winter season of grass less, will warm all kinds of straw, leaves, and other crops byproduct can be mixed into the machine made from grass grain feed pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.
Processing of grass feed particle need to cooperate with particle feed pressure machine, in the process of operation, is a key part of the raw material moisture content control, best grass pellet feed water content 14% - 16%. In addition to the feed pellet machine operating skilled, but also of different composition ratio and have a good grasp of forage, toppings, reasonable ratio of concentrate, minerals, vitamins, etc.Yulong after pressure machine sold all provide free installation and debugging, guarantee the stability of grain machine can run and produce good quality grass pellet feed.