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Feed pellet machine die compression ratio can change?
The die is the key component in the feed pellet machine. The die compression ratio directly determines the feed pellet capacity, quality and production results. The die compression ratio refers to the ratio of die thickness, die hole diameter with the die bell mouth taper, hole spacing and line spacing. The die thickness, die hole diameter and die bell mouth taper are the key to determine the die compression ratio.
As the old feed pellet machine company, we are sure that the die compression ratio can be changed. Usually the compression ratio is the routine data of each company. The user could change the ratio through grinding the die. While we do not advise. Grinding the die just reduce the ratio. And grinding the die will wear the die and roller cover. Normally we choose the die according to the raw material, raw material moisture and raw material size. We could test the raw material. If the user do not want to change the ratio, we could adjust the roller gap.
Changing the compression ratio is to meet the actual production requirements and the main factors for feed production quality and efficiency.