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Feed pellet machine common problems
1 Before pressing feed pellet, should check the machine line whether there are hidden dangers. Adjust the screw on both side of machine, to ensure there are space between die and roller. 
2.Mold problems:
Before pressing feed pellet we need to check the machine ring die is smooth or not, If not smooth, need to polish by sand, sawdust and waste oil, will need about half an hour.  
3. Raw material issue:
If raw material moisture is little higher, last feed pellet not easy to form, also will be lose. If moisture is little low, then not easy to press, last pellet with many powder. So we need to control the material moisture before making pellets.   
4. Motor power shortage:
Before purchase feed pellet machine, it is necessary to ask detailed information about power and other parameter. We need to match the motor according to the machine standard requirement. If motor smaller, then will not discharge pellet from outlet.