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Feed mill screen repair and replacement
Screen mesh is made from a thin plate punching through heat treatment processing.When the screen appear wear or by foreign body breakdown, if the damage area is not large, available riveting or tin welding method to repair;If extensive damage, should change a new screen.Installing a mesh screen, should make the mesh belt burr side took, smooth outwards, screen and screen frame to fit tightly.Screen mesh in order to improve the mill discharge effect, accelerating in crushing chamber area (i.e., clockwise positive) loading screen, is opposite the mesh size can increase the phi is 0.5, the specific need according to the requirements of raw material grinding fineness to configure the net aperture.
Yulong feed mill of mechanical design, structural design is unique, screen replacement is very simple, a few minutes to complete, specific details can leave a message to our site, we will for your detailed answers as soon as possible.