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Feed Hammer Mill

One vital step to manufacture high quality feed which is the particle size reduction by hammer mill on farm using.
Hammer mills are advantageous because they will handle any combination of grains and have a low maintenance cost. These mills will grain many kind of feed including hay, straw or grass. Particle reduction occurs in three ways: explosion from impact of hammers, cutting by the edge of hammers and attrition or rubbing action. The rubbing action is important with small cereal grains and the impact is important with corn and other heavy materials. 
Capacity of hammer mill will vary depending on the conditions of feed being processed and the fineness of the grinding. An average range for a hammer mill is from 600 to 1200 lb of feed per horsepower hour.
The screen is amounted below or round hammers through which the reduced products must pass. The products being ground remain in the hammer grinder until they are enough small to pass through the holes in the screen.
Hammer mills have the following characteristics:
-- Easier maintenance 
-- Process wider variety of materials
-- Greater range of particle size
-- Greater capacity for big size