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Different kind of animal feed pellet machine
Nowadays, more and more farmer want to making the animal feed pellets by themselves, it is easy to control the nutrition, and easy to control the quantity… and can make all pellets in fresh condition, because they can making pellets 1 seconds before feeding. 
However at this moment, there are so many different kind of feed pellet making machine, so how to choose the suitable one? Let me to explain one by one. Due to making different kind of animal feed, will using different kind of raw materials. 
If the raw materials is different kind of grass, straw or stalk, mainly using for cow, sheep or other poultry… then need flat die pellet machine. 
If the raw materials is different kinds of grains, such as corn, wheat.. almost no fiber content inside or fiber materials less than 40%, in this condition need using normal ring die pellet machine, this machine with high capacity, good for making chicken, rabbit…
If you want to making floating pellets for fish feed, then need the bulking pellet machine, using this type of machine is good for making small pellets and the pellets can floating in the water. 
If you have any interesting for any animal feed pellet making machine, please feel free to contact us. Yulong company will provide you professional assistance for your animal feed pellet making project.