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Development of wood pellet technology
Pellet equipment and wood pellet machine, straw pellet machine is biomass pelleting equipment with internationally advanced level and low consumption, its performance plays an irreplaceable role in a variety of biomass pelletizing production line equipment, is the most effective and reliable wood pellet machine. Pellet machine is widely used in a variety of biomass fuel, fodder, organic fertilizer and other industries granulation industrial.
Currently pellet machine is mainly used in waste recycling waste resources, such as bark, branches, sawdust, wood leftovers, waste wood furniture and other wood waste products. As the many kinds of material, so pellet machine are distribution in all over of domestic market. In the past year, charcoal market is slow growth in demand, mainly because of domestic economic slowdown, in view of manufacturing technology development tendency, the high efficient pellet machine factory quantity will increase year by year in China . in addition, as labor costs increased, the middle and low quality pellet machine will lost price advantage, accord to domestic status, pellet mill equipment need to change the concept of development, increase to manufacture advanced and high efficiency pellet machine, pay attention to sales, at the same time to pay more attention to after sales service, do efforts to innovative to occupy more market share.