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Crude fiber feed pellet mill type section
Now the requirement of crude Crude fibre feed pellet mill more and more, but effect of traditional horizontal ring die feed is not so good. Why traditional horizontal ring die feed pellet mill is the best choice? Because the grass fiber ratio is very high, about 70-90%, grass fiber is big different from concentrated feed, grass fiber is very light, but 90 degrees feeding way makes material fluidity bad, easier to jam. In additional, ring die rotarying and rollers static, blocking direction of material centrifugal liquid, material easily to store, cause blocking run, large shaft bending strain fracture.
Horizontal feed pellet machine high impermeability, good heat preservation, poor heat dissipation and easy to make feed, not suitable for biomass granules.Now we recommend you a kind of crude fiber feed pellet mill: XGJ series centrifugal efficient feed pellet machine, this machine is specially designed for crude fibre material new style feed machine.
This machine's advantages: 1. The vertical feed, not easily jam; 2, the ring die with vertical static installation; Double layers used, reduce cost and high efficient; 3, the rollers high speed rotarying causes centrifugal force, materials are evenly
distributed around; 4, two sets of lubrication systems, ensure the equipment running parts lubrication fully; 5, cooling machine and collecting dust, to keep pellet making room constant temperature, reduce overflow or carbon spill out or carbon deposition agglomerate from high temperature, protect lubrication system from damage.
So centrifugal high efficient pellet mill is your best choice for crude fiber feed pellet making.