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Corn straw feed pellet machine
Yulong is a company specializing in the production of feed pellet machine manufacturer, Yulong company because have superior management so as to create excellent quality, enabling customers has good feed machine and make money easier and efficient.
Yulong corn straw feed pellet machine include flat die and ring die pellet mill. ring die pellet mill is divided into horizontal and vertical feed ring die pellet mill.
Corn straw is crude fiber, so choose right corn straw feed pellet machine should accord to the crude fiber characteristics . Horizontal ring die feed pellet machine suitable for grain feed making, such as corn, soybean meal and other grain categories as feed pellets. Flat die pellet mill, corn stalks pellet can be done, but mainly small production capacity. Vertical ring die pellet mill, mainly crude fiber granulation pellet machine, also name as centrifugal-efficient particle machine. Vertical ring die corn straw pellet machine can produce big production capacity, is most stable devices to investment in the production of corn stalks feed pellets.
Centrifugal-efficient corn straw pellet machine (ring die corn stalk pellet machine ) combines the flat die and ordinary ring die advantages of using a vertical ring die structure, which is mold upright position, so that the material reaches a vertical feeding , the material does not stock in press room. Corn straw pellet machine die is stationary, roller will high-speed rotary, so that the material uniformly distributed surrounding, pellet be extruded through a die holes. Straw pellet machine mold divided into two layers, double available, and the use of stainless steel, reducing the wear rate of the mold, increase customer profit. Centrifugal-efficient corn straw pellet machine with air-cooled dust removal device, air-cooled and dust remove for the pellet machine, increasing the lifetime of the pellet mill. There is an independent lubrication device, the realization of automatic add oil to the pellet mill bearing (butter effect: cleaning, lubrication, cooling, sealing), and increase of bearing lifetime.
Corn straw feed pellet machine, making the feed pellet market is getting better, if anything can not understand, pls consult us.