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Classification of Animal feed pellet mill
Feed pellet mill have mainly flat die and ring die two types, also have another roller press type. Specifications as below :
Flat die feed pellet mill is more early, simple structure ,cheap price, small dimension, fit for small family- manufacture .raw materials such as wheat bran, soybean, wheat, fish mill etc, more materials mixed. After pelletized , raw materials nutrition ingredient will not change , working efficiency depends on raw materials content , if fiber takes more proportion, efficiency will be smaller.
Ring die pellet mill develops very fast ,widely used and more popular. It resolved flat die disadvantages, not only from operating but from technology, both better . Yulong ring die pellet mill capacity is large, distribute materials more easily , fit for different type cattle, sheep, chick ,pig, rabbit, duck, fish factories. Yulong machinery conditioner has high temperature , cure materials and kill bacteria . Not only increase capacity, but also nutrition, widely accepted by customers. 
Feed machinery has many types, can choose accordingly to own requirement , not to choose at random, here , Yulong machinery will help you to choose best model , have professional after order service , will not let you down .