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Caution when using feed mixer
Pig, horse and sheep feed mixer is a mixer of rations and other animals, a proper use of feed mixer can not only increase productivity, but also improve the mixing quality materials. When use feed mixer should pay attention to the following points:
1.the first time to control the time is not too short or too long, too short will cause uneven mixing too long it will cause damage to the fiber material, loss nutritional value, and layered again, less than a uniform effect. While stirring time is too long or too short can cause the length of the cut not suitable, which affecting the rate of animal digestion and absorption. Mixing time is decided by feeding material time and material quantity. After repeated stirring auger, auger slow speed, stir, which feed fiber damage small, longer retention of nutrients in feed. And feed after mixing hardly cakes, soft which will increase cows appetite and good for them digestion.
2. Forage length. Material is too long will leads to mixing not uniformly , causing delamination, the result is causing cows picky eaters, and digestion and absorption rate decrease.
3.  if there is damage to the amount of the machine parts to be welded, welding should be removed, if not dismantling, please contact your agent.
4. Do not use high-pressure water cleaning weighing control boxes and sensors to prevent short circuits.
5. Tighten all bolts: the first work done in 10 hours. Bolts (270 Nm) tightening once a week on the tire, and a bolt blade.
6. before use machine, check the machine whether exist foreign objects inside the box (such as stone, iron, etc.).
7.Feed mixer should be prepared prior to use work well, such as how much the material, length and control the mixing time, etc., is foolproof, stirring to high-quality feed.