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Animal feed crushing equipment
Animal feed crushing equipment, it can be said is Yulong machinery processing feed is one of a series of products. Now the market have some animal feed pellets, it’s consist of straw, corn and mixing some formula for increasing appetite.
With the market penetration of feed processing equipment, some farmers are not clear how to do the processing of feed better, especially for product selection is not very understand. Yulong machinery to create a feed grinder,it is a kind of dry straw crushing, but many customers do not know that when processing of fresh straw effect is not very good.
Feed processing, household can crush and mix into the cereal and uniform mixing, so that the feed is very good. also can be used for living dry bacteria microbial silage straw feed, the straw feed taste better, very soft, more suitable for the appetite of pig, chicken, and not on poultry early to eat feed anorexia situation, but also improve the straw feed nutrients. According to the above, this kind of living dry bacteria fermentation into the feed way to higher than ordinary feed processing technology, very little input, its effect is different.