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Advantage of feed pellet machine
Feed pellet machine is also called feed machine, is the same necessary animal feed making equipment with mixer,mixing machine. it isa new type energy saving products of feed pellet processing. Traditional feed powder processing, with unconveniently feeding, poor palatability and picky about food, low utilization rate, and new type of feed pellet machine is very easy to solve the above problems.
Advantage of the characteristics of the feed pellet machine:
1, the feed machine is small volume, covers an area of less, no noise.
2, feed pellet machine can be carried out without water production, easy feed storage, improve the feed storage efficiency.
3, temperature up to 80 degrees in the process of production, output feed is cooked, easily feed for livestock.
4, feed pellet machine production process with the sterilization effect,  the high temperature in the production, will destroy microorganisms bacteria.
5, chassis adopts high alloy wear-resisting material, long service life, resistant to wear and tear.
Advantage of feed pellet machine:
Feed pellet machine because of its small volume, light weight, more varieties, not easy to wear, etc are widely used in various fields.
1, feed place, personal livestock breeding, small livestock, the neutral livestock, large livestock.
2, feed pellet machine is used for straw processing, wood processing, rice husk processing, cotton stalk process, plant straw process and other crop straw processing.
3, domestic rubbish disposal, it is mainly used for packaging waste and compression.
4, in addition, the feed pellet machine can also be used for bio-bacterial manure, such as organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compoundfertilizer production processing.
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