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HKJ350 Feed Pellet Production Line in china

HKJ350 feed pellet production line is installed Bin Zhou City, Shandong Province on November, 2007. The feed pellet line includes the hammer mill, mixer, feed pellet mill, cooler, pellet crusher, screener, packing machine, linked elevator and electric control system.

The client mainly is producing the chicken pellets, duck pellets and pig pellets always, the capacity is 3-5ton/hour. Because the client make the poultry feed, and the capacity is big, so we fitted the conditioner in the HKJ350 pellet mill when client ordered the line. The steam feed into the pellet press, further soften the materials, the pellets are very excellent for poultry.

The raw materials for the feed pellet plant are mainly corn, soybean, wheat bran, rice bran, vitamin, calcium hydrophosphate, minerals and so on.

The pellet diameter can be 3-10mm; the pellet length can be changed according to clients' need. For the small chick, also crush the pellets to small crumbled pellets by crusher.