Name: Pellet cooler products

          SKLN series counter flow cooler is the latest cooling equipment that contains our many years manufacturing experiences and unites international advanced cooling technology, the machine is mainly used for cooling finished pellet of high temperature.

          This machine adopts counter flow cooling theory,making pellets cooling enough and evenly. The special discharging of slide value type structure make the machine operate smoothly and unload fluently. After cooling ,the pellets temperature is not higher than +3-5℃ of room temperature.This kind of cooler is widely used in many advanced countries.For its various advanteges that containing large capacity, good cooling effect, high  automatically, low noise, less maintenance ,It is senior replaced replaced type cooling equipment.

Technology Parameter

Model    SKLN1.2    SKLN1.5    SKLN2.5    SKLN4   SKLN6  SKLN8
Output (T/h)         0.8-1       1-2     3-5      5-8     8-12    12-15
Cooling Volume (m3)         1.2        1.5      2.5        4      6     8
Power (kw)     1.5+0.25 1.5+1.5+1.5  2.2+2.2+2.2  3+2.2+3   4+3+5.5  5.5+3+5.5
Cooling Time (minute) No less than 6-10min
CoolingTemperature No higher than room temperature 3-5 degree celsius